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Fentanyl: An Escalating Crisis

Length: 30 min.
My Role:
  • Instructional Designer
  • Course Developer
  • Content Editor
  • Voice Over Artist
  • Graphic Designer
Feedback: "Much more interactive than previous ELearning Courses"

In the treatment of substance use disorders, it is important to stay up-to-date on new drugs that impact the nation.  Fentanyl, an opioid prescribed for pain reduction, is 50-100 times more potent than morphine and has garnered much attention in the news due to an increase in illicit use.  Fentanyl is so potent that even treatment providers and first responders who come into contact with it are at risk of an overdose. 

Need: To communicate the dangers of Fentanyl to all direct care staff in the agency.

Solution: A quick, impactful learning experience accessible to all staff nationwide.

© Greta Petro 2018

E-Learning Challenges

My contribution to the E-Learning Heroes Community

Challenge 188

Create an activity that utilizes the random word or number generator.

Challenge 189

Create a circular navigation menu that can be used in e-learning courses.

Challenge 190

Create an interactive coloring activity that lets users customize the colors.

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